January 10, 2015

Midtown Madness

Ah, the nostalgia. Midtown Madness is one of my all-time favorite video games. If you are not familiar with said product, read up on it.

It is a worthy topic for a first entry. I could reminisce for paragraphs, but I’ll spare you. This post is archival in nature for two items: the VCK toolset and the Mercedes CLK.

VCK Toolset

The developers of Midtown Madness released a “Vehicle Creation Kit” (VCK) to allow users to create custom cars for use in game. The official process required 3DS Max, something I did not have access to back in the day. However, there were ways around this. By following many tutorials and guides around the Web, I was able to create my own cars. I wrote up the process for doing so, mainly to remember how to do it (and good thing, as many Midtown Madness sites that I referenced years ago no longer exist).

The guide, along with tools, can be downloaded here: MM_VCK_Toolset.zip.

Mercedes CLK

Myself and another Midtown Madness fan, who went by the alias “BLS”, created a Need for Speed to Midtown Madness conversion car, the Mercedes CLK. The original model was from Need for Speed 4, but we converted and tweaked it for use in Midtown Madness.

The Mercedes CLK for Midtown Madness can be downloaded here: vpmercedesclk.rar.